All about transport

Tobacco information about weight, price, package and cartons
Indication time schedule for transport of parcels.

Due to new transport and tobacco regulations parcel and shipping has changed. We ship worldwide with various shippers.

As of direct we started new pick-up services for several countries: USA, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and more. There is always customs involved with that option. Customers are responsible for all penalties or import regulations.

Note that the weight-volume levels might give you the option to order more product for the same shipping cost! The billable weight of all packages for 2 kilo could be the same as 4 or 5 kilo.

For overseas parcels there is ALWAYS customs check possible.

The below info is just indicative:

Northern Europe: Sweden, Norway, Finland 8 -10 days.

Austria, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy 8-10 days.

Eastern Europe 8-10 days.

Overseas Area Mediterranean: (ie) Cyprus 12-15 days. USA, Canada, New Zealand 15-18 days.

NEW: USA and Canada 12 day service. If exceed the weight and volume, shop splits order in multiple parcels.Track trace only possible AFTER it reach the destination and has passed customs.

UNITED KINGDOM or Scotland and Ireland 8-10 days depending the weight. Small orders might be quicker.