What happens with your purchase in the EU?

Tobacco information about weight, price, package and cartons

What means BREXIT for the shipping?  Until there is a final date for the EU and UK we continue our services. UK leaving EU zone December 31. Last ship date until now is set on December 12-2020.

Prices and packing's will change frequently in 2020

Because of the PACTACT cigarettes, pipe and rolling tobacco not allowed to USA. This is for all states and US soil. For Regulations see under PACTACT or check your Government pages.

All sorts of Commercial Media to inform customers about products, printable information, free samples and gifts are forbidden.

Return shipments are characterized as illegal import and can be seized or qualified as Taxable Tobacco Import.

Using this shop means you accept the terms and regulations as printed in the Sales conditions CWS page.

New Shipping service for USA - always customs involved. Read the shipping delivery for latest update (at the top header). 

PICK-UP service for parcels

Due to new transport and tobacco regulations parcel and shipping has changed. We do not ship ourselves. Your parcel will be picked-up with

various shippers. No extra cost.


What is the pick-up service

When ordering at our web-shop, you give permission to pick-up your parcel or boxed gifts.

No payment is needed extra for using this service.
The shipping cost are integrated and cashed per collo or per order. The total of your purchase is on your order copy form, send as e-mail.

There is (or in the EU can be) always customs involved with every parcel or order. Customers are responsible for all penalty’s or import regulations.

Note that the weight-volume levels might give you the option to order more product for the same shipping cost! The billable weight of all
packages for 2 kilo could be the same as 4 or 5 kilo.

For overseas parcels there is ALWAYS customs check possible per area or country. The shippers have no influence on that.